Thank you for a wonderful 2016

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear lifters and officials,

The year is nearly at an end and looking back on it we can say it has been a great year for the IPF. We have moved forward in so many areas which we have kept you all informed of, however I want to reflect on a few things here.


As in previous years, we had a lot of lifters take part at both the Equipped and the Classic World Championships. This proves that we are responding to the needs and wants of our athletes, ensuring lifters have choice in which format they want to compete or in both as they wish. We will not deny lifters their choice or drive them away from the IPF by not offering the format in which they wish to compete.  The IPF has great respect for all our lifters; those who are recent members, those who enjoy the variety of events on our calendar and those who have competed in our federation for many years including some who have competed within the IPF all of their lives. We are happy and proud that our Powerlifting family is growing, we have room for all who wish to be involved and compete according to our values and standards. Thus we will continue to nurture and encourage the variety of formats and opportunities by continuing to include all age groups, three-lift and bench-only events, Equipped, Classic, Special Olympics, Blind Powerlifting and hopefully soon the Paralympics, all in one unified Federation.

Next I wish to highlight some of the gains within the IPF committees and working teams. We have made great progress with our online streaming, magazine and social media. By continually improving our media output, more and more people enjoy the excitement and beauty of our sport and everyone can witness the IPF moving forward. Next, I want to inform you that the most important steps towards our request for IOC recognition have been finalized. We have installed all the working committees that are required, we have now 3 women on our Executive Committee and all the other criteria requested by the IOC Sports Department have been addressed. Now we have to wait for the decision from the IOC. We have put so much effort and unrelenting dedication into our IOC application in order to take our sport to the next level, now join with me in wishing to hear a “Yes” from them!

The list of athletes who have qualified for the World Games in Wroclaw 2017 has been compiled. Soon we will publish the list and we hope that all the lifters who are selected will be proud of their achievement. With such honour to participate at the World Games, comes much responsibility, to the fellow competitors and the entire reputation of the IPF. Extra OCT tests will be conducted to help ensure all lifters at the World Games compete fairly. It is and always will be, our goal to have a clean sport and to make sure we do not have any lifter who has tested positive at the Games. A single positive test would damage our image and we could lose our association with the World Games which would surely have a negative impact on our IOC recognition. We have all worked too hard for many too many years to endanger that. So to be clear, a lot of OCT tests will be done from now until the World Games and so we expect that by the end of the Games, participation was 100% drug free.  I hope all the selected lifters will be proud in accepting the nominations for the World Games as it is the highest level you can reach in Powerlifting at this time.

With all this said I want to thank my colleagues from the Executive Committee and all the other committees and working groups as well as the lifters, the coaches and the officials/referees for their continuing contribution in making the IPF even better.

I wish for all of us, good luck with our IOC recognition and hope that we receive a positive answer.
I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Of course most importantly I wish you all good health.
See you hopefully back in 2017

Best regards
Gaston Parage
IPF President

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