Recap - World Open Powerlifting Championships

Last week this time in sunny Orlando, Florida records were being broken at the World Open Powerlifting Championships! With everyone back home, lifters, coaches and officials one can say this was an extremely successful championships! There were 119 men and 96 women competing from over 32 nations! Each weight class was a battle and had it highlights! From having the energy of the Venezuelan team to welcoming new IPF members to the world stage from Sri Lanka, this was one competition where all worlds came together!

50 World records were broken, with each on carrying its own story. On the 1st day Wei-Ling Chen shocked the world as the 46.75kg lifter squatted a massive 210kg! Here is the video! Even with 675.05 wilks it was not enough to beat the Ukrainian Larysa Soloviova who had 688.50 wilks. Soloviova also bench pressed a massive 180kg in the 63kg class!

Sergey Fedosienko (59kg) from Russia once again became best lifter for the 8th time with a wilks of 665.82. The legend from Poland Jaroslaw Olech (74kg) became World Champion for the 15th time with a M1 WR squat of 367.5kg! There was a big battle in the 93's but Ukrainian lifter Bilyi came out on top against Russian lifter Inzarkin with a 1012.5kg total.

USA won the women team trophy for the 1st time in almost a decade while the men were dominated by the Ukrainians for a 2nd year in a row! This World Championships was also the qualifying event for The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland.

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