All important info - World Open Powerlifting Championships 2016

Dear friends, 


On behalf of the Gaston Parage, the President of the International Powerlifting Federation, Dr. Larry Maile, the president of USA Powerlifting, and myself, we would like to welcome you to Orlando for the IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships. As you know, the championships will take place on November 13-19, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel – Orlando International Airport, in Orlando, Florida. 


Please take note of the important items I’ve listed below: 


Hotel & Transport 

Transport will not be required for this championship. The Hyatt Regency Hotel is connected directly to the Orlando International Airport. Important, when you arrive at your gate and depart your flight, you will be required to board a train that will take you to the main terminal. Once you arrive in the main terminal of the Orlando Airport, you will see an escalator with a sign that will have the IPF Logo. The escalator will take you up to the second floor to the of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, where you will find the front desk. Please ensure that you have your passport ready and let the front desk representative know that you’re attending the World Powerlifting Championship. Once you receive your room keys, proceed to the championship office down the hall from the front desk to pick up your accreditation badge(s). 


General Assembly

The IPF General Assembly will take place on Sunday, November 13, 2016, 15:00hrs in the Briefing Room of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. PLEASE bring the agenda that was sent to your National Federation. Copies will not be provided at the meeting. Important, if you’re not either the President, Vice-President, or Secretary of your National Federation, you will be required to bring a signed letter from your National Federation President stating that you’re authorized to vote on behalf of your National Federation. 

Important, I have attached the Agenda for the General Assembly. 


Technical & Referee Meeting:

The Technical Meeting will take place Sunday, November 13, 2016, 20:00hrs in the Briefing Room of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. We will finalize both the athletes and referees that shall participate in the championship. All coaches should attend this meeting. 


Final Nominations:

The FINAL Nominations are now posted. They can be found here

Please review both lists to ensure all of your athlete information is correct. Corrections, please contact Gaston Parage, the Championship Secretary at: gparage(at)


Referee Schedule: 

Hannie Smith, the IPF Technical Committee Chairman, has prepared and posted the Referee Schedule on the IPF website here: 

Referees, please ensure that you bring your referee credentials with you to the championship. For this year’s championship, we’ve assigned a Technical Controller to the warm-up area to ensure the coaching guidelines are enforced. Coaches, please ensure that you have the correct dress, as per the IPF Coach Committee Guidelines.


Opening Ceremony and Competition Venue: 

The opening ceremony and competition lifting will take place in the Intercontinental Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The Opening Ceremony will start at 11:00am sharp. Arrive by no later than 10:30am to prepare for the parade of member federations. Each delegation should appoint one athlete and one official to take part in the ceremony. 


Medal Ceremonies 

The victory ceremonies will be held at the end of each lifting session. It will be absolutely mandatory that each athlete wear their National Team Warm-up/Track Suit Pants for the award presentation. Coaches, please ensure that your athletes are properly dressed. All athletes will be presented with a participation medal. Thank you. 


Medical Doctors 

Two physicians from FICS have been assigned for the entire championship. They will be stationed in the warm-up area. 


Training Room 

All athletes and coaches, as a reminder, no training shall take place in the warm-up area. A separate training room, next to the weigh-in room, will be available with three (3) complete platforms with approved IPF Equipment. The training room will be open at 6:00am and will close at 9:00pm each night. 

Weigh-in Room 

There will be two weigh-in rooms. The first room will be only for official weigh-in of the athletes for each lifting session. The second room will be for athletes to check their weight 24/7 for the entire duration of the championship. The scales will open on Friday, November 11. 2016. Important, both scales are identical and go to the 100th place – 2 places to the right of the decimal. 



The closing banquet will be held on Saturday, November 19 at 19:00 @ Hyatt Regency Ballroom in the Hyatt Regency Hotel - Cost is $40.00 USD per person. DJ and Entertainment will be provided at the banquet. 


Key and important, please send to me, by email, the number of tickets your member federation will require by Friday, November 11, 2016. All tickets must be paid for by NLT Wednesday, November 16, 2016. If you require additional time, please be sure you contact me by email to ensure we have a reservation for you. 


Questions, please let me know. 

I wish you a safe trip to Orlando and much success to you on the platform! 



Robert Keller 

Secretary General 

International Powerlifting Federation 

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