1st University Cup in Minsk, Belarus

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many of you are curious about how the 1st University Cup went and how was
Minsk and the Belarus Powerlifting Federation BPF, as it was the first time
for both.
I hope you enjoyed the photographs on facebook and the video streaming on
Youtube but I am also happy to give you some extra feedback.

The first University Cup in Minsk was very well organized and the organizer
spent a lot of money to make sure the lifters had the best conditions and of
course as preparation for the Classic Worlds in 2017.
The BPF personnel were all very friendly and welcoming. The hospitality in
this country is exceptional.
The organisers were also very flexible and cooperative and I am sure they
will organize a great Classic Worlds next year.

We had 144 lifters from 18 nations in this first competition held under the
patronage of FISU.
The lifters were very happy and excited with this competition.
A lot of new lifters and lifters new to IPF events, took part and all were
impressed by the organisation.
There was a fantastic, big warm-up area with 5 brand new Eleiko racks and
one on the lifting platform.
Of course there were good performances from the lifters with many good
fights in the different weight categories.
Beautiful participation medals were given to each lifter and the medals for
the totals were of very good quality, wonderful prizes to take home.

The anti-doping education program that was held there had an attendance of
132 people.
That was a great success as some lifters had left the competition the day
before, so that was nearly 100% attendance.
There were several new referee exams and all of them passed.
The online streaming was provided by the organizer and can be re-watched at:

A big thank you goes to our partner Eleiko, for the social project
undertaken in Minsk.
Eleiko and IPF offered 3 Racks and 3 bars with 432.5 kg of weights for the
gym in a small town where 2000 children live and there is no sports
Mr. Konstantin Burykin the Vice President from Belarus Powerlifting
Federation and a Priest of the Orthodox Church, arranged this project and we
are very proud to support him with this project together with our partner

I am sure next year the University Worlds will have even more participants
as all this year were very happy.

Best regards
Gaston Parage.
IPF President

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