A comprehensive Anti-Doping Seminar was run at the 1st University Powerlifting World Cup held in Minsk. 
The participants were welcomed by the President of the IPF Mr. Gaston Parage.

The leading expert of National Anti-Doping Agency of Belarus (NADA Belarus) Mr. Sergei Yurevich presented the Seminar.
In attendance were over 132 IPF athletes and sports officials from nations such as Belarus, Australia, Great Brittan, Ireland, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nederland, Finland, Switzerland, Lithuania and Japan.

Topics presented included: the Spirit of Sport, Health issues and the negative effects of doping.
An interactive quiz on the key points of the presentation was conducted as a follow-up activity in order to consolidate the participant’s anti-doping knowledge.

We thank the National Anti-Doping Agency of Belarus, the Belarus Powerlifting Federation and the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture for their assistance in the presentation of the Seminar and we thank the World Anti-Doping Agency for the educational tool-kits that served as the basis for the Anti-Doping Presentation presented at the Seminar.

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