Arnold Sports Festival 2016

Dear all,

The recent Arnold’s in Ohio was a great advertisement of our sport.  First I want to thank Priscilla Ribic our 2015 World Champion. Aside from all the hard training that she did to become the World Champion in my home country last November, she also found the time to work very hard to put this event together with Larry Maile to make the Arnold’s a huge success.

Both Priscilla and Larry are IPF Hall of Fame members and have been organising this great event over many years with a growing success and from year to year. The enormous success is due to our great lifters who take part in this wonderful event. This year our lifters put on a great spectacle with 58 World Records and of course that famous 500 kg squat from Blaine Sumner. I want to say thanks to all of our lifters who competed there for this great show. You all have the merit that this was a great advertisement of our sport and a promotion for our lifters.  
I want to also thank all the volunteers who took part in this event to make sure that it was a great success.  The officials, the referees and the coaches all did a great job too. I take this opportunity to thank the big crowd who showed up and were watching this competition and all those who followed it over the streaming as it has been a great success too.

We are all looking forward now to see what is going on at the first Arnold’s in South Africa and I take this opportunity to wish Hannie Smith good luck with the organization.

Let me wish all of our lifters, officials, coaches, friends and their family members a happy Easter.

Gaston Parage
IPF President

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