World Bench Press 2016!

With less than a month away from the BIGGEST World Bench Press Championships in the IPF the world cannot wait to see what will happen in Rodby! With the 1st World Bench that includes all age groups Rodby will surely have lots of World records being broken! This was also the 1st venue that 400kg was bench pressed in the IPF, the world will be watching as Finland's Fredrik Smulter will be looking to break 401.5kg that Blaine Sumner broke only a few weeks ago! There will be professional live streaming and commentating at the Championships, and of course everyone's favorite announcer Geno will also be there! The organizers of the competition is working day and night to promote the best competition for the athletes, coaches and officials from all the corners of the world! The Championships has its own website, please visit it to see more info on the Championships and its surroundings. Click HERE for the promo video of the Championships!

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