Masters, Open, Sub-junior and Junior Bench Press Worlds 2016

On behalf oft he IPF, I wish you all the best to host this Masters, Open, Sub-junior and Junior Bench Press Worlds 2016 in Lalandia Rödby Denmark. 

Tommy Knudsen former Meet Director and good friend, had sent in the original bid for this event.  Unfortunately, Tommy passed away last year and this has been a very big loss for our lovely sport.  I want to take this opportunity to remember Tommy Knudsen and to dedicate this World Championship to his memory. He was a great organizer and also a very good friend. Tommy, we will not forget you and I am sure these Worlds will be a memorable championship.

I also want to express my thanks to Anders Pedersen and his team from Rödby. They were willing and able to take over the organization of this championship even as it became a much larger event as we added all age categories together, something that was not foreseen when the original bid was made. So thank you for your excellent work.

We are delighted to see that over 600 lifters have made preliminary nominations for this event. This has proved wrong those people who were thinking that equipped lifting would die when we introduced classic powerlifting. Instead now we have strong participation in both formats. Lifters have the freedom to choose and participate in both formats as they wish, delighting us with their strength and abilities.

We see the success of both formats as positive and exactly what we need and want.  We have a vision and that vision is not about having only classic or only equipped lifting. Our vision is to have the largest number of lifters taking part in the IPF.  We the IPF, let the lifters choose the lifting format that they want to do. We will not take away from them the lifting options that they clearly enjoy and want. 

So let us lead the powerlifting world, demonstrating that classic and equipped lifting can exist together and that we value both formats and respect each other.

Thank you to the lifters who have worked hard and made the decision to compete in the event of your choice. Come and enjoy these big, exciting championships.  I am quite sure we will have a large number of lifters taking part at next month’s classic world bench press championship as we also have in equipped.  Together we are strong and only together we can be the biggest Federation in the World.

I wish the organizer good luck. I am very sad that I cannot take part as I need be in Lausanne for some very important meetings and to make sure we can bring our sport forward.  But my memory for these days are with Tommy Knudsen, his family and all his friends from his club who have taken over the organization of this event to make sure it will be a great success.

Best regards

Gaston Parage
IPF President

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