IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships Salo 2015

IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships - Salo, Finland 

The World Classic Powerlifting championships was a great success for the sport of powerlifting. 

The competition was historic in nature, as this was the largest championship in IPF History -- nearly 800 lifters (!) Overall, the lifting by the athletes was exceptional and provided a great show for our viewers via the live stream. The venue was exceptionally prepared with plenty of the space in the warm-up, the preparation, and performance areas. The facilities allowed for the athletes to set numerous World and European Records. Well done. 

The IOC Sports Department Visit 

History was also made as this was the first time ever, an IOC official attended one of our championships. I want to offer my sincere thanks to Mr. Christian Wassmer from the IOC Sports Department for traveling all the way to Salo to meet with Robert Keller, Emanuel Scheiber and I to review our IOC application. I must inform you, the meeting went very well and it was reported to us now that we now fulfill 99 % of the acceptance criteria to be recognized as an IOC Sport. During our meeting, we received constructive feedback from Mr. Wassmer on what remaining parts of our application, which need to be fulfilled. Rest assured my friends, I will personally see to it, by this July, we shall complete the remaining outstanding criteria. Of course, I shall keep you updated regarding this matter. 

The IPF Media Team

The work performed by our Media Team under the leadership of Eric Rupp was simply exceptional. The streaming of the championship was of an extraordinary quality and I would like to express my sincere thanks to each member of the team for another job well done. Notably, Eric, Christina, Sabine, Heinrich and Ralph. You’ve made a significant impact and the athletes and member federations appreciate your time and efforts. Again, well done. Also, I want to thank each one of you for your help with our Facebook IPF Fan Page. Since Sundsvall we reached 63.000 likes. Presently, we're in race with Eleiko, one of our partner organizations, on who will reach 100,000 likes first. If the winner is the IPF, we'll be given additional sponsor funds. An excellent incentive for our organization. 

The Staff Members and Referees 

A big thank you goes out to the speakers, the computer secretaries, the loaders, the coaches and officials, our sponsors for a job very well done. 

A championship of this size and magnitude is not very easy to handle and therefore we should not talking about the small mistakes which were made, but the overall great success of the championship. Honestly speaking, the only downfall, was the member federations did not send enough referees. And, a large number of referees skipped on their assignments. When nominated referees do not fulfil their responsibilities, the burden falls onto the other referees, which have been scheduled for other assignments. 

I shall convene a personal meeting with both the EC and the Chairman of the Technical Committee to find a solution. Going forward, I can tell you this, referees not fulfilling their responsibilities and assignments shall be placed on notice. So, thanks to all the officials and referee's, especially Hannie Smith and Johnny Wiklund who were present for the entire 10 days of lifting from early in the morning until late in the evening. Also, I want to thank those referees who helped us more often to make sure we had enough referee's for each session. The speakers made a great work and the famous Geno Biancheri who travelled all of the way from USA to help us out. My special thanks to all. 

The Finnish Organizers 

Tapio Ruhonen his son Jarno and their entire Team did an exceptional Job in directing this championship. So, I want to again, send my sincere thanks to you both and to your team, for a job very well done. Special thanks to both Ilka Sepillä and Jari Rantapelkonen for your assistance as well. Your work made a difference in success of the championship. 

All the sponsors from the IPF and the organizers a great thanks, the city of Salo and the mayor of the city who was present at the opening ceremony and at the banquet.

See you all in Killeen in 2016

Best regards

Gaston Parage

President, International Powerlifting Federation

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